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Association of Professors of Medicine
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APM is the organization of departments of internal medicine represented by chairs and appointed leaders at medical schools and affiliated teaching hospitals in the United States and Canada.

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 APM Physician-Scientist Initiative

APM released the report, "Recommendations for Revitalizing the Nation's Physician-Scientist Workforce," as a product of the first phase of the APM Physician-Scientist Initiative. The report outlines four major recommendations that aim to address the shrinking and aging physician-scientist workforce as well as the varying expectations of current physicians-in-training. If implemented, the recommendations would support efforts to ensure the future robustness of medical researchers and medical care.  Under the leadership of APM Physician-Scientist Initiative Principal Investigator Andrew I. Schafer, MD, APM is currently planning phase two of the initiative

 IM Career Source

Whether trying to fill a vacant position or looking for a new employment opportunity, IM Career Source is available to connect employers and job seekers.

 Chairs of Medicine

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